October Membership Meeting

Our October Membership Meeting was focused on the Market Report, what’s happening in downtown St. Paul, and the multi-generational workforce.

Rob Davis went over the Market Report and what has changed between 2017 and 2018. He talked about the total universal square footage, occupancy/vacancy, trends, absorption, and rental rates. All this information is located here, on Datasource, under Annual Office Market Data. You can also find information on 2018 Retail, Residential, and Health Care Space information on this website as well.

Joe Spencer addressed what is happening in downtown St. Paul and the various projects currently going on. To see his presentation, click here.

Our main speaker, Erik Lucken, shared his analysis on the Multi-generational Workforce. He talked about how there were many misconceptions regarding the Millennial workforce. All generations actually have similarities about what they want out of working space. According to Lucken, you should create workplace that supports an ecosystem. He recommends that buildings and employers “‚Ķprovide a variety of space types, sizes, configurations, and conditions within the context of the immediate environment, the floor, the workplace, and the building.”

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