Jackson Street Reconstruction Meeting Overview

On February 10th, 2016 BOMA members gathered at 180 East 5th Street to hear about the reconstruction of Jackson Street, and the City’s plans to manage the project. The speaker at this meeting was Kevin Nelson, a St. Paul City Engineer, and he gave us an overview of how the project will go from start to finish. He informed us about where reconstruction will be located, the major changes that need to be made within the above and underground utilities, and tentative dates and locations for road and intersection closures.

The Jackson Street project will go from Jackson and 7th place, to Jackson and Shepard Road, and it will be under construction from the summer of 2016 to summer of 2017. There will also be construction on a fork off of Jackson Street back down to Shepard road (See map).

 Click here for detailed road map

The above and underground reconstruction of Jackson will include street paving, sidewalks (60 years old), the water main (installed in 1880), catch basins and sewers, lighting, signals, signage and pavement markings, landscaping, and furnishings.

Along with the City, Xcel Energy started updating this winter to upgrade their electrical and gas distribution systems located in the right-of-way. The work that Xcel Energy is doing involves digging holes in the street and sidewalks. Unfortunately, the utility work will likely inconvenience residents and businesses. Luckily the work will be done in short segments, so impact on surrounding residents and businesses is expected to be brief. Xcel Energy plans to work with building managers to minimize any inconveniences.

During the reconstruction project, the City will also be building the first segment of the downtown bike loop, a network of off-street bike and pedestrian trails in downtown Saint Paul.

The intersection of Kellogg Boulevard and Jackson Street will be closed, starting on Monday, February 22. This initial intersection closure will be for 10 weeks to allow Xcel Energy to safely complete advanced utility work. During this time parking ramps and businesses will be accessible in the area.  Click the link below to see a tentative timeline for this project (Last page of PowerPoint).

Click here to see the full PowerPoint Presentation by Kevin Nelson

To get on an e-mail list for updates about Jackson Street contact Kevin Nelson.


Kevin Nelson

City of Saint Paul Department of Public Works

Direct: 651-266-6236

E-mail: kevin.nelson@ci.stpaul.mn.us

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