Leasing Information

Retail leases Through Sept. 2014

  • Alliance Bank Center leased Space to Murray Chiropractic
  • Coco Bldg, 213 4th Street leased space to Bedlam Theater
  • Double Tree Hotel leased space to Rival House
  • Farmers Market Lofts leased space to Big River Pizza (2,455 sq ft)
  • Mears Park leased space to Public Kitchen
  • Penfield leased space to Lunds
  • Pioneer Building leased space to Legacy Chocolates
  • Pioneer Building leased space to Revival Wine and Spirits
  • Rayette Building leased space to Saint Dinette
  • Straus Building leased space to JL Beers
  • Rossmor Building leased space to Tin Whiskers
  • US Bank Building leased space to 123 Sushi
  • US Bank Building leased space to American Portfolio Mortgage
  • US Bank Building leased space to Rock Bottom Aquarium
  • US Bank Building leased space to SkyWay Fitness

Office Leases Through Sept. 2014

  • 166 E. 4th Street – moved into the Owner Occupied Section of the report after the building was purchased by South Metro Human Services who leased back 22,000 sq ft to St. Paul Radiology. South Metro Human Services plans to move into the building over the next 2 years.
  • 340 Cedar – College of St Scholastica renewed 14,000 SF for a 6 year term
  • Alliannce Bank Center – RedPath leased 11,500 sq ft
  • Bremer Tower – Attorney General’s office leased 5,000 sq ft
  • Kellogg Square – With the further transformation of more units to residential, the building was removed from the report as it does not meet the 20,000 sq ft threshold of office space
  • Lawson Commons – Infor surrendered 31,764 sq ft
  • Lawson Commons – Bremer expanded their space
  • UBS Plaza – 12,000 sq ft was made available for sublease
  • US Bank Building – The St. Paul Foundation and the Bush Foundation leased approximately 37,000 sq ft.
  • US Bank Building – Nexstar leased half of the 21st floor (approximately 6,700 sq ft.)
  • Wells Fargo Place – Agribank expanded 8,000 sq ft
  • Wells Fargo Place – Thompson Reuters vacated 14,000 sq ft

Office Leases 2015

  • 180 E. 5th Street – Health Partners leased 8000 sq ft.
  • 180 E. 5th Street – Jacobson Law Firm leased 6000 sq ft
  • First National Bank Building – Wold Architects leased 22,000 sq ft
  • River Park Plaza – Mahoney Ulbrich Chirstiansen & Russ, PA leased 17,880 sq ft
  • River Park Plaza – State of MN leased 3,309 sq ft

Government Space

The Eugene McCarthy Post Office – taken off the report removing 460,000 sq ft from the total universe. Renamed Custom House and will have 202 market-rate apartments, a 150 room select-service hotel, a destination restaurant, self-storage for residents and others, indoor parking, and possibly some office space. Construction slated for late September 2014 with a targeted completion date of late 2015 for the apartments and shortly thereafter for the hotel component.