Health Care

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Building NameAddressTotal S.F.Listing Contact or OwnerContact NameContact Phone NumberContact Email
American Red Cross St. Paul Area Blood Donation Center*176 Robert Street South41,140American Red CrossRhonda Hillstrom612-418-6222
American Red Cross*134 Fillmore Avenue East63,888American Red CrossRhonda Hillstrom612-418-6222
Children's Hospital - St. Paul**345 N Smith Avenue155,893 Children's Hospitals and Clinics of MinnesotaSteve Brown612-805-2232 N/A
Doctor's Professional Building280 Smith Avenue80,984AnchorChris
ExerCare266 North Smith10,234Allina Health System/ United HospitalBrian
Fort Road Medical360 Sherman Street50,864Healthcare Trust of America, Inc.Melissa Gomes317-550-2800
Gallery Professional Building17 West Exchange Street107,514Healthcare Trust of America, Inc.Melissa Gomes317-550-2800
Gallery Towers514 St. Peter Street24,936Ted Glasrud & Associates
Garden View347 Smith Avenue155,778Allina, Children's I.R.E.T.Mitch
Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare**200 University Avenue East172,128Gillette Children's Specialty HealthcareBrian
Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare**205 University Avenue East51,048Gillette Children's Specialty HealthcareBrian
HealthPartners Specialty Center 401*401 Phalen Boulevard124,000HealthPartnersTerri Draxten 651-495-6213
HealthPartners St. Paul Clinic205 Wabasha62,015HealthPartnersKenneth
John Nasseff Medical Center255 Smith Avenue43,689Cushman WakefieldMitch
Nasseff Specialty Center225 Smith Avenue119,199Welltower Inc.Nathalie
RADIAS Health**166 E. 4th Street60,000South Metro Human Services dba RADIAS HealthN/A651-291-1979N/A
Regions Building #1640 Jackson Street683,702Regions HospitalTony
Regions Building #2640 Jackson Street69,049Regions HospitalTony
Regions Building #8640 Jackson Street466,779Regions HospitalTony
Regions Building #9640 Jackson Street114,728Regions HospitalTony
Regions Building #11640 Jackson Street177,601Regions HospitalTony
Ritchie Medical Plaza310 Smith Avenue114,728Allina, I.R.E.T.Mitch
Sky Tower (United Hospital/Children's Hospital-St. Paul)*333 North Smith 230,854Allina Health SystemN/A651-241-8395N/A
St. Joseph's Hospital45 W. 10th Street614,332Fairview Health ServicesJill
United Hospital*333 Smith Avenue662,079Allina Health SystemN/A651-241-8395N/A
Westminster Junction MOB 435 Phalen Boulevard124,316HealthPartnersNathalie

*2021 Data Used

**2020 Data Used

Total S.F.: 4,581,309